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What are electronics?

Consists of a combination of electronic components arranged in circuits, designed to control and exploit electrical signals. Electronic devices, unlike electrical ones, use electricity for the storage, transport or transformation of information.

An example of an electronic device is a sound amplifier that controls the flow of energy from a microphone to the speakers. Much more complex devices such as a computer are also electronic devices.

An electronic device is basically understood as those that use electricity for the storage, transport, or transformation of information. Examples of these devices are speakers, mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc.

Their production and consumption has grown exponentially due to technological advances and changes in society’s consumption habits. As an example, in developed countries, including Spain, most consumers have a mobile phone that they use every day. There are even households with more electronic devices than people.

This trend of use, development and dependence on these devices becomes visible when we verify that organizations, governments and public administrations choose to link communications, development and public policies to the Internet of Things and Information Technologies.

The importance

and growth of this sector has been accompanied by an interest in illegal trade networks due to the attractiveness of selling them to potential consumers, who often for a more attractive price and other times due to mere ignorance become buyers of these counterfeits.

The consumer who buys this product outside the legally established points of sale loses his rights as a consumer and the security of the traceability of the product.

The consumer is advised to take certain precautions both in the case of face-to-face purchases and in the case of purchases made online or through second-hand channels:
Avoid purchasing from unauthorized sales sites, such as illegal street vending.
Be more cautious if your price, discount or offer is ostensibly cheaper than usual.
Pay attention to the quality of the product in general and if it corresponds to the usual quality of the brand, such as if the casing is perfectly closed, if the finishes are adequate, etc. We may be looking at copies or imitations.

Pay attention to the font of the device:

As a rule, the letters of an original product are smooth and easy to read. In the copies the letters can have small differences with respect to the original, changing in some cases the name of the original brand.

Take a close look at the logo:

An original brand is printed in such a way that even after the product has been used many times, the inscriptions and symbols remain visible. In addition to using poorer quality printing or engraving, copies or counterfeits may have logos that are almost identical to the originals, but with small details that distinguish them from the originals.

Check the packaging:

The original producer always fixes the product to prevent accidents. This does not have to be the case with counterfeit products. Moreover, they only imitate the original packaging without paying attention to the small details, changing some letters or the whole packaging.

Check the chargers:

The original chargers always have metal tips in perfect condition, quality insulation, and no plastic seams of different colors. The use of a false charger, even if it is cheaper, can lead to overheating of the device, the origin of an electric shock, or in the worst case, fire, so to avoid risks it is better to ensure that the device purchased is original.

Read the manual:

The electronic device that the consumer acquires must have the language of the country in which it was purchased, even if it has more languages. If the consumer cannot read the instructions in the language of the country of purchase, the product is not original. In addition, if the symbols in the manual are very inaccurate, it may also give clues to their fraudulent origin.

Check the quality of the materials used:

Original products and brands are usually more careful with the type of material used, trying to make it of the highest quality, without cracks, seams or imperfections.

Top 5 – Online stores to buy technology


Thanks to the internet we can have whatever we want, buying is made easier thanks to e-commerce we have the world within everyone’s reach. It is said that a company can increase its sales up to 50% when offering its products online. This phenomenon happens with all the products that we can imagine, with the technological products it happens more frequently, without a doubt the more you like the technology, more use you will want to make of it. That’s why we show you this top 5 of the best websites to buy technology.

Tiger Direct

Tiger Direct is an online store for computers and a large range of electronic products. It is based in Florida, USA. It is one of the largest hardware suppliers in North America. They stand out for making discounts, it is a way to attract their consumers. They began to operate in 1996, dedicated to the sale of computers, electronics, books and software. In 2000 the site expanded its, by including refurbished and recertified products from brands such as IBM, HP, among other renowned brands. Tiger Direct is one of the most important online sales companies that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.


Woot is a site that offers daily offers, founded in 2004, in its beginnings it offered one product per day, which they replaced with the next offer at midnight, or before, if the product was sold out. Woot offers daily deals, many of the products promoted with low prices, are computer hardware parts or electronics. This store has its own app for iPhone and Android


It is an online seller of hardware and software, created in 2001, is considered one of the top ten retail sites on the Internet. Newegg’s growth has led them to expand into Europe and Asia, Newegg also accepts payments with Bitcoins, in addition to Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

Focal Price

This Chinese site stands out for offering cheap products and as an extra with no shipping cost. It has a wide selection of technological items. Accepts payments through PayPal only. For being a company that does not charge its shipping costs, they delay a little in their deliveries, however their prices are quite attractive. It also has an app for Android and iPhone.


TechBargains is a leading e-commerce site. It is very attractive for its excellent offers and quantity of technological products and gadgets. If you are a lover of smartphones, tablets and other devices, this store offers possibilities for discounts on retail purchases. At TechBargains, you can read comments and recommendations from professionals, in their forums and on their networks. The TechBargains app for Android is available here. We can’t stop naming the leading online shopping stores EBay and Amazon, we leave this top for you to visit, and maybe, you’ll have a new shopping option. Enjoy their discounts and options to buy the best in technology. Remember that everything you buy can be shipped with us, directly from your favorite store with our door to door service and the best rates in the market.

The best places in the U.S. to buy electronics


If you travel to the United States, you will surely want to take advantage of your stay to buy some electronics. As we know, devices such as cell phones, laptops, cameras, among others, are cheaper in the United States than in other countries, including ours. In fact, that country has the best and largest electronic stores in the world.

In order to help you find the lowest prices and best deals, we at Qempo have decided to create a list of the best stores, which you should not miss.

If you want to buy electronics on your visit to the US, be sure to visit these stores. But if you are in Peru and want to buy some products from that country, at Qempo we can help you. If you want more information, please contact us.