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Top 10 – Best Hearing Aids for Youtubers

Do you know what hearing aids are?

A hearing aid or hearing aid is an electronic device, which notifies, amplifies and changes the sound to allow better communication. Hearing aids receive the sound through a microphone, which then converts the sound waves into electrical signals. The amplifier increases the volume of the signals and then sends the sound to the ear through a speaker.



The development of hearing aids has centuries of attempts and inventions, from the large resonance horns that resembled a musical trumpet were placed with the small end in the ear; this type of instrument simply concentrated the sound and directed it into the external ear canal. The contemporary hearing aid incorporates the use of sophisticated electronic technology that basically electronically amplifies the sound signal obtained in a microphone, equalizes it to the user’s hearing loss and reproduces it with sound transducers called receivers.

Today, the development of technology has made it possible to integrate sound amplifiers as small as a grain of rice, which undoubtedly offer significant benefits in the auditory perception and quality of life of those with a hearing problem. At the same time, their small size makes them discreet and aesthetic. The advent of digital technology in hearing aids has also brought significant operational benefits, allowing the amplifier’s behavior to be dynamic, automatically adjusting to the sound levels required by the user, as well as a very precise adaptation to the patient’s loss with the use of a computer. Finally, they offer high-fidelity, clear and virtually natural sound quality.

In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids fit completely in the outer ear and are used for mild to severe hearing loss. The box, which contains the parts of the hearing aid, is made of hard plastic. ITE’s can accommodate added technical devices, such as the telecoil, a small magnetic coil contained inside the hearing aid that improves sound transmission during telephone calls. ITE’s can be damaged by ear wax and their small size can cause fitting and coupling problems. Children often do not use them because the housings need to be replaced according to the growth of the ear.
Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are placed behind the ear and connected to a plastic ear mold that fits inside the outer ear. Parts of the earpiece are placed in a box behind the ear. The sound travels through the ear mold into the ear. BTE’s are used by people of all ages with mild to profound hearing loss. Poorly fitting BTE’s can become attached, causing a whistling sound produced by the fitting of the hearing aid or by the accumulation of earwax or fluid.
In-the-ear hearing aids fit in the ear canal and are available in two sizes. The In-The-Canal (ITC) hearing aid is custom designed to fit the size and shape of the ear canal and is used for mild to moderately severe hearing loss. Completely In-Canal (CIC) hearing aids are hidden inside the ear canal and are used for mild to severe hearing loss. Because of their small size, in-the-canal hearing aids can be difficult for the user to adjust and remove and do not have room to add other devices, such as a telecoil. This type of hearing aid can also be damaged by earwax and drainage from the ears. They are not usually recommended for children.
Pocket hearing aids, which can be stored in a pocket, are used for people with profound hearing loss. The hearing aid is attached to a girdle or Abercrombie pocket and is connected to the ear by a wire. Because of its large size, it has the ability to incorporate many signal processing options (such as that of the television), but they do come into consideration.

Digital vs. analog

Digital hearing aids differ from their analogical predecessors by the inclusion of a microchip or processor, which provides them with modern functions impossible to replicate in older models, such as user programming, profiles, noise analysis and filters, removal of background sounds, etc.

Auxiliary components

The following are the most common components of a hearing aid:

Microphone: used to pick up sound and convert acoustic energy into electrical energy.
Amplifier: Used to increase the intensity of the signal reaching the microphone.
Horn: converts the already amplified electrical energy into acoustic energy.
Battery: Allows energy to run the auxiliary.
Volume: serves to adjust the volume intensity.
Mold: it is designed according to the need of each person, they are adapted inside the ear.
Controls: used to turn on or off, and to choose to capture sounds from the environment or signals from electromagnetic fields (position T).

Top 10 Youtubers Helmets


Having a good gamer headset is fundamental when it comes to making lives, they make a big difference in performance, however this is not their only utility, the headphones you will see below are used by famous youtubers but why? Stay with us and find out.

But ⚠️ EYE ⚠️ Before we start we have to tell you that this ranking is based on the quality/price ratio and the features that these headphones have for streaming or video making. They are not intended for studios or music recordings. Neither are they the best gamer headphones.

10 – HyperX Cloud II The lightweight youtubers headphones!

Are you ready to enjoy a good sound experience? The Cloud II model starts the top made of premium materials; resistant, light and compatible for pc, mac and even mobile devices.

Sound experience: virtual surround sound controlled by hardware
Comfort: 100% viscoelastic foam in the headband and leather padding
Optimised for professional gamers: closed headphones for noise cancelling
Certified by TeamSpeak and optimized for chat programs

This gaming helmet is lightweight, weighing about 1.13 kg and offers a virtual sound is which is handled by the hardware. Its pads are made of synthetic rubber covered with semi-leather, adjustable for better sound quality.

✅- Size: 17x12x7cm (LxHxG)
✅- Supports ps4, pc, Xbox one, and Mac
✅- Cancels outside noise
✅- Comes with storage pouch
✅- Weighs about 1,13kg

Its headset is also padded and as a bonus it comes with a built-in microphone with which you can record your voice while editing or performing live, all in real time. These pads are worth around 100 euros.

Logitech G231 Prodigy YouTube Headset – Stand 9#

Thanks to Logitech technology, we have a wide range of headphones, but if we need to highlight a particular model for recording and streaming, we’ll stick with the G231.

Quality sound: G231 gaming headphones deliver stereo sound
Sports fabric pads: gaming sessions are intense
Lightweight design: the lightweight earpieces and the lightweight, balanced assembly
Foldable microphone: so you can be heard loud and clear

The stereo sound will keep you alert to what’s going on during game hours, it’s also ideal for jobs like editing videos for youtube, it’s compatible with Xbox, pc and playstation 4.

✅- The dimensions of the helmets are 8.9 x 18.4 x 18.9 cm
✅- Its color is black/orange
✅- They offer great quality and clear sound
✅- Retractable microphone
✅- Colours integrated in the connection cable
⚠️ Attention! ⚠️

Its square earmuff design keeps the sound fairly clear and deep, eliminating noise that may occur in the environment. Both the headband and the earphones are covered with soft rubber and fabric with vents for added gamer comfort. Its price is 49.90 euros.

ELEGIANT youtubers helmets – Stand 8#

If you like bold designs then you’ll love this gaming headset. This black headset comes with a cutting-edge design that combines an electric blue with LED lighting for a perfect balance between the quality of the youtubers and the eye-catching appearance.

【Sonido professional stereo play & LED light Azul】
【Excelente quality, very duradero】 Nylon cable
【Micrófono with noise cancellation & microphone giratorio】
【Diseño ergonómico】

✅- It weighs 499g
✅- Measures 22 cm x 19 cm x 10 cm
✅- The frequency of these helmets is 15HZ-20KHZ
✅- Your microphone offers -38 ± 3db sensitivity
✅- Your cable is 1 meter long
✅- Its price is crazy, it costs a little less than 30 euros.
Besides being elegant, they are very efficient. The circular shaped ear pads keep the sound in your ears and the noise away from you. Their microphone is sensitive, concentrates the sound of your voice and allows for uninterrupted communication.

Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Streaming Headset – Stand 7#

This model of helmet offers a number of advantages, however, one of the most attractive is linked to its design. This headset maintains a perfect balance between sound and microphone, allowing you to hear clearly and at the same time communication is fluid.

✅- If the structure is made of aluminium, it is quite resistant.
✅- It is light but very comfortable
✅- It comes with LED lights that you can customize with its 16.8 million colors
✅- The microphone is retractable
They are lightweight and highly compatible with any equipment, perfect for recording videos, making lives and even video calls from the cell phone. Its headband and earmuffs are very comfortable, adapting to the shape and size of your head. You can’t count on better equipment, just for the modest price of 75 euros.

Youtuber Headset – Logitech G433 – Stand 6#

These youtubers headphones for the Logitech brand have proven to be of the highest quality. The G433 model is manufactured with high technology and made with premium materials, this gaming headset makes the experience of sound surround, also cancels all noise produced outside.

Advanced audio technologies such as Pro-G and DTS 7.1 drivers
Stain-resistant hydrophobic fabric
Breathable and washable sports mesh pads
Wanded microphone offering voice quality for PC or console chats

We have to highlight its microphone, it’s great. Quite sensitive to the tone of your voice, it also cancels out other sounds, which will add quality to your work. Don’t confuse them with markilokuras helmets, those are the g533.

Cheap youtuber headset Elegiant – Stand 5#

If you’re looking for a headset that’s both affordable and delivers crystal-clear sound, then these are perfect for you. The Elegiant comes in a beautiful black colour, with noise-canceling earpads, making the sound crystal clear.

Its headband can be made to fit your head and is padded for comfort. It is compatible with almost any equipment, and does not need to be configured before use.

Affordable youtuber headset – Kotion each G2000 – position 4#

Increasingly close to the best and most recommended gaming helmets we find positioned in the number 4 position the incredible and ergonomic stereo mac with microphone.

The stereo sound is great, thanks to its internal speakers is able to isolate the noise outside. All this for a value of 19 euros.

🥉 Gamer headset for streamer Kotion each G9000 🥉

Bronze medal, the incredible G900 is positioned in place number 3. These modern headphones are of very good quality and at the same time quite affordable, as you need less than 50 euros to buy them.

Designed to provide the best sound, the earmuffs offer isolation from the environment, allowing you to be more focused on what you’re doing. See here the best review of 2018

They have a headset that is just right for your head and have a built-in microphone perfect for conversations with your fans during lives.

Weighs only 399g
They are portable, ideal if you want to record outdoors
They have a sensitivity of 105 +/-3 dB
They offer a frequency of 20-20kHz
Your microphone measures 6.0 x 5.0 mm
It is integrated by LED lights
Your cable is 2 meters long

🥈 The headset worn by youtubers – Logitech G430 🥈

Once again, Logitech has surprised us with the G430. This headset has become one of the most used by youtubers like elrubius, jenna or German. That’s why they deserve a silver medal:

Up to 7 discrete audio channels plus the low frequency effects channel
Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound
Cable and sound control integrated in a three meter cable
The ear pieces rotate up to 90 degrees until they are flat
39,00 EUR

The model 981-000537 is great, it isolates the outside sound completely, helping you to concentrate on the editing work, its earmuffs are quite comfortable, so you can work with them for a long time. Also, the cable is about three meters long, which means more mobility when producing.

👑 HunterSpider V-1 lives headset 👑

First place goes to the gaming tenswall helmets. They are preferred by both the gaming and the cyber community in general, and why not? They are of excellent quality, they have the ability to cancel the sound of the environment, when you put them on you will feel that you are disconnected from the world.

Great compatibility with different platforms
Clear, high quality sound
Great insulation
Incredible gaming experience with a manual volume control

These headsets are perfectly compatible with almost any device, including laptops, desktops, ps4, ps3, ps2, cell phones, tables, and more.

Using them is quite easy, do not require any configuration software, you can adjust the volume manually, also comes with a high quality microphone, with which communication will not be a problem, either when playing or when making youtube tutorials.



We hope that this top has been helpful to you in finding the ideal youtubers, remember that a good team is essential to succeed in any of these platforms. Remember that if you have more doubts about the youtube headphones you can leave us a comment.